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Whether you're single or attached, I can show you how to find love and build a lasting relationship.It's a journey I treasure taking with my clients, and so far we have had 7 weddings, 6 engagements and 6 babies :-) Do you want to be Lucky in Love?

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Dating experts london

Check out our coaching pages because you can get a free discovery session to figure out exactly whats holding you back and an action plan to figure out what to do to overcome it. Get your dating coach london session booked in while availability lasts.

Get out of the career or single rut with top confidence tips to attract the life you want.

Kezia Noble, 34, from London, says men spend so much time on Whats App or Facebook that they can't 'string a sentence together' in person.

Meanwhile, the dating coach - who warns that dating profiles are rife with fake images and photos filtered beyond recognition - reveals how to tell if a prospective suitor is for real, before you've even met them.

Could there be a guaranteed way to be more lucky in love?