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Here are my top six lyrics-turned-dating-tips from your Pitbull faves:1. " So, I got a guy's perspective: It's all about seizing the day. If you're dating a guy, don't put so much pressure on it. If something more is meant to happen, it will happen. You might rearrange your schedule to work better with his.…

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Finally, the grants also paid for 35 networked Mac laptop computers and prompted the remodeling of Rooms 604 and 513 of Thornton Hall to create new, combination classroom/computer labs, which have stimulated teaching experiments in several additional classes. Natural disasters such as the 2011 Japan quake and tsunami and hurricane Sandy in 2012 highlight the need to to provide our students with best possible education so they can contribute to the solution of these problems In recent years I have had the opportunity to visit Cuba, my native country, and to establish collegial working relationships with Cuban meteorologists. In addition I developed a class to teach the MATLAB programming language.…

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